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the lost mission

Love is nothing if it doesn’t destroy you-

Isn’t that one of your lines?

And while we’re being honest, 

I never liked Hatful of Hollow all that much-

The sound is weak + tinny + the setlist is atrocious-

I mean, how can you start off with william, yknow?! 

It was the summer you quit writing back… 

(well, you had your projects and I had mine)

You were climbing the Alps and i was sliding down the Pyrenes 

It was the summer scoring from the Black Monk

And break-neck flying down Shoreline, 

“Spanish Bombs” on repeat–

Screaming out over the Bay: 

“In the days of ’39!!!”


& so soon after, i left for the lost mission, 

Signing up only for the summer, 

Knowing full well i would be editing at least into the new year… 

It’s no wonder I brought my scarf

Into this record-breaking heat

slamming flat ginger ale & a diet of no meat


still, to be honest, i snuck out and some nights gobble down some Carl’s Jr, I confess to the cheat.. 

I messaged you less and you did the same, 

You were hanging out with what’s their name

I bought a decent typewriter for $10- and you said what’s the point?? 

I thought- well, I’ll just write until I run out of ribbon, I guess

And then my computer froze and I was back to pen and paper again


It was the summer I lost everything in storage again, 


I dropped my phone that went dead,


I couldn’t even give away the blues


I made you a postcard & said I’d give you my room and sleep on the balcony if you’d only visit–

I wrote you a book that summer, 

It had to do with me moving back to The City, 

And how your phone always goes to voicemail now

and in my dream, 

You sent me a new box of ribbons, 

so that i could finish editing and come back home


Love is nothing if it doesn’t save you

You can have that line of mine

2017-11-08 03.22.54